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January 12, 2005


Paul Freeman


I'm a newcomer to blog posting, but this tickled my memory. How about the Indians who sued for millions after they moved, indeed squatted, on the land near the Union Carbide plant in Bhophal? As you indicate, the government shouldn't decide where a person might live...but people who build mansions in airport flight paths shouldn't be listened to when they bitch and moan about the noise.

Paul Freeman
Tow, Texas


La Conchita is NOT a wealthy community. It's tiny, quite isolated, and housing there is relatively cheap because (1) it's not near any jobs, stores, etc., and (2) THERE'S A BIG DANGER OF MUDSLIDES!


Marko - I stand corrected on the property values. I made the assumption that anyone living in view of the Pacific in Ventura must have expensive homes. I did a search and most homes in that area are in the 300,000 range.

Still, I think the thrust of my post is spot on...


I disagree with your point about the Indians, Thais etc. choosing to live in the path of a tsunami. That region is not known for tsunamis; in fact, there has not been a tsunami in that area in recent memory. Thus, those people did not choose to live in the path of a tsunami (they had no idea it was a possibility). About 10 years ago, there was a big mudslide in that same California town. That risk was well known to the people living there but they chose to live there anyway.


There's a big difference between a once a decade landslide and a once in a century/millenium tsunami.

When my parents bought their most recent house in Southern California, there were areas that were more prone to mudslides in our same community and the area was prone to wildfires as well. My parents chose a house that was in the area less prone to mudslides and one that was close to the fire department and a fire hydrant. Years later, there were mudslides in the area. One house we had looked at and ruled out was damaged due to the mudslides, ours, thankfully, has remained untouched.

This doesn't mean these people don't have my sympathy, I understand. However, the people struck by mudslides had way more knowledge of the potential dangers going in than those affected by the tsunami. Just like I'm going to be more sympathetic to someone who loses their house to an earthquake in Boston than I would for a similarly afflicted person in LA. Geologists know there's going to be a major earthquake in the Northeast sometime in the future, but when and how severe is a major unknown.


not to be unsympathethic to the victims - but since when is a $300,000 home "not an expensive one"... In my town, you're driving a mercades if you live in a 300,000 home.

John A. Kalb

Um, Jim, people in California tend to own cars. People on Ceylon don't.

And try telling those Ceylonese who live in mud huts that those "cheap" $300,000 houses aren't very nice. I'm sure they'd trade places with you.


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