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February 19, 2005


Bob Roof

I think you should give appropriate attribution to the false story. See Nasa's own website for more on 'lfe on mars' at the following URL http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/marslife.html . You'll soon see, it was insiders from NASA who spread the false runor... not surprising, given the tendency of NASA to dramatize anything that might get them more recognition... and funds.


Excuse me, but there is life on Mars...and you can drive there...


I think that NASA is just a big welfare program for rich government contractors.

big dirigible

It's not a welfare program for government contractors (although there are justifications for that, in some cases - at least one of Galbraith's books is concerned with nothing else), so much as a den of featherbedders. I suspect that any government agency has only a few years - maybe five, max - before it's infiltrated by people who live only to game the system. I did some aerospace engineering work a decade ago (but was not an employee of NASA, DOD, or any of the big alphabet-soup names), and you will not believe what useless clowns far too many of the career guys are.


I do aerospace engineering work now and interact frequently with NASA folks. Like in any large organization, some are deadwood but, an awful lot are also some of the brightest folks on the planet and, they work for a government salary, which is a fraction of what they could get in private industry, because they believe in the dream of space.

The public gets an incredible deal from NASA, which is the premier space exploration agency in the entire world and something of which Americans should be proud. It is not an object of derision from bloated gasbags like "big dirigible".


Yes, NASA has a bunch of lifers making government salaries, but like all government programs, the real money is spent on contractors. The Space Shuttle wasn't built in house by government employees, it's built by big government contractors. And I assure you that the big-wigs at companies like Lockheed Martin are making huge salaries.

Vern Straysner

There is no life on Mars. Did you ever see Rocketman, with Harland Williams? True Story.

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